Daughters of the King

The Order of the Daughters of the King®
These past years, we found that Zoom meetings can be personal and effective. Being physically
together is a gift we have come to truly appreciate but it is not always possible. Using Zoom enabled
us to bring together women living in three states and begin a new chapter last September. We would
like to stretch this process to include women around our diocese.
We plan to begin a new discernment, via Zoom, in January. We are sure you have questions and so
we will be offering an “Intro to the DOK” at the beginning of January and a new Study will begin
before the end of the month. We invite you to check out our national website: www.doknational.org
Please pray about this opportunity and contact any of us for further information:
 Mariana Bauman marianab@earthlink.net (Diocese), Karen Davis (All Saints), Mellissa Meoli (St. John’s) or Mary Lovvorn (St. John’s).